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i FINALLY get to post... 
01:05pm 21/05/2004
  so like, yesterday, molly ringwald's dad like, so totally called me, wondering if i could like, photograph his daughter beth's wedding...

12:16pm 11/02/2003
mood: nerdy
Hey kids, I'm Alli and I'm new...I'm also a chronic namedropper.

09:58pm 11/10/2002
mood: cheerful
(copied from my LJ entry "All in a day's work" on September 3, 2002)

So last night, I met Kevin Spacey while I was at work. What exactly it is he was doing at Barnie's Coffee and Tea at the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham, Alabama on Labor Day, I never will know. However, his ID proved sufficient in proving that it was, in fact, Kevin Spacey who I was grinding English Toffee coffee beans for. He was rather nice. It's times like those that I truly wish I had a digital camera.

Oh well.

(end old entry)

Also last month, I met Krist Novaselic (ex-bassist for Nirvana and Sweet75) and Jello Biafra (ex-vocalist of The Dead Kennedys) at the University of Alabama on a political action tour called the Spitfire Tour. Krist was really...stoned, and Jello was the funniest man I've ever met. I laugh every time I think about his comparison of George W. Bush to Beavis as Cornholio...hahahaha!
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from the archives in the back of my head: 
07:51pm 19/09/2002
  I want to write about another experience, I have had, in meeting bands and stuff..

This one, is brought on by listening to the Stone Sour and Murderdolls cds.

The first time I met Corey Taylor. It was in October of 2000. Amen had played with Nothingface in Cincinnati about 2 weeks prior. I worked this show with glee, and in doing so, got to know the guys in Amen. I talked to Casey Chaos quite a bit. And before the band had to leave, Casey gave me a pass, and told me to come to the show in Dayton, 2 weeks after.
Well, 2 weeks later, Amen were playing at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio, playing on a bill that included Slipknot and Spineshank.

I arrived and walked up to Amen's bus, and hung with them for a bit. They walked me into the venue, and I watched the show.

Now after the show, was chaotic. Security was being a pain in the ass. And they were giving me grief, because I had a pass, but it didnt have a backing on it, and they thought it wasnt official. But, I managed to get myself to the front of Amen's bus anyway. And stood there for a few minutes. Corey Taylor, From Slipknot, happens to walk by. He's like unmasked and all that. I get him to sign my Slipknot cd.

more about Corey and Joey JordisonCollapse )
05:07am 05/09/2002
  I went to the Morrissey concert on Tuesday and he was about to start singing the world is full of crashing bores.. and he started it off by saying "If you've watched American Teen Idol.. you'll know what this song means"... and I yelled out... "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" and he kneeled down looked straight at me (i was at the front) and responded to me "You're So Clever"... I'm still smiling  
08:00pm 04/09/2002
  I rode the Superman at Six Flags Over Georgia with Usher and Chili of TLC... rofl.  
pseudo-celeb at twelve o' clock 
06:48pm 31/08/2002
  briefly, i met judd of 'the real world san fransico' yesterday. he writes and draws the wonderful comic 'the adventures of barry ween, boy genuis' and was a class act great guy, who happily did a berry sketch for me (he hit me up for a donation to the comic book legal defence fund, which i was happy to give)

in all, nice guy.

also saw the doctor and neelix from voyager and mike nelson and kevin murphy from myster science theater 3000, but i'm a little tanked right now, there's more for another time.

cheers from atlanta,
08:23pm 18/08/2002
  I've got a few names to drop.

first off, I found out this evening that my uncle [who is just getting started as a writer in hollywood] met with jake gyllenhkljlajdahall [DONNIE DARKO, LOVELY AND AMAZING] for coffee yesterday. apparently jake's looking over his pet project which, to sum it up, is a modern day harold and maude with a razor sharp twist.

wait, that might not count, since I've never met him...but still. shut up.

secondly, last october I interviewed allison roberston [DONNA R. of THE DONNAS] and got to hang with ALL of the donnas before and after the show. it was amazing...a rock and roll fantasy come to life...which you can read about HERE, in my journal.

and finally, the most EXCITING AND EARTHSHATTERING OF ALL THE NAME DROPS, I have met Kim Deal [THE BREEDERS, THE AMPS, THE MOTHERFUCKING PIXIES!] on TWO occasions. the details of which are fleshed out in two entries: FEBRUARY and <"http://www.livejournal.com/users/emoskonkey/day/2002/02/08">AUGUST</a>.

all I need to do is see modest mouse live and meet liz phair and I can die happy. that is all.

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11:14pm 17/08/2002
  Hey I'm a newbie!

People I've met (more like bands I've met):
Reel Big Fish
Jorge from the Casualities
Student Rick
The Dropkick Murphys

that's all I can think of right now

02:58pm 16/08/2002
mood: curious
Hey, I'm new! :) *waves* I'm from Georgia.
Well I've met Matt Damon & Will Smith when they were filming "The Legend Of Bagger Vance"(plus Will owns a house here now). Clint Eastwood, John Cusack, Kevin Spacey & Jude Law when they were filming "Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil". And Sandra Bullock & Ben Affleck when they were filming "Forces of Nature". I think that's all the celebs I've met so far.
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01:53pm 15/08/2002
I've met and took pictures of/with
--Ben Kweller
--Cowboy Mouth

and that's all I can articulate right now
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08:34pm 14/08/2002
mood: i have pneumonia
I am new here and from what I have gathered we are just supposed to name people that we have met that are in bands so here goes. This is in no particular order. I've met Thurston Moore and Jim O'Rourke from Sonic Youth in Athens. Me and some friends were just hanging out downtown and they walked by and Thurston commented on a shirt I had on and we walked around town and hung out with them for a couple of hours before the show. This was probably the best day of my life. I've met and interviewed the members of Burning Airlines and Cest Mortel. I drank a beer with the bass player for the Mary Timony band although I don't remember his name because I had a few too many. Unfortunately I met the lead singer of Hed Pe. I hung out with the members of Pinback backstage after a show they did and consumed massive amounts of beer while playing spades. and I am sick of typing so I am going to stop now.
new here 
02:29pm 14/08/2002
  As the sign says, I am new to this community. I joined, because in my line of work, I consistantly meet and talk to "rock stars" or just people from bands, if you will. I will give you a brief taste of some of the people I have met, or maybe I'll tell you a story about the first time?

The first person that I met, was back in 1990, June 12th to be exact. I had just finished my freshman year in high school. My friend and I Went to see Kiss w/ Slaughter and Lil Caesar opening for them. I remember us getting there at like 6pm, and just sitting in our seats, and see members of Slaughter walking around. I actually remember thinking that was pretty neat at the time. I remember during the show, meeting Blas Elias (drummer for Slaughter) near the concession stand at Cincinnati Gardens.

But, the real fun came after the show.. I remember this kid sitting next to me. He was all painted up like Gene Simmons, and he mentioned he was going to go where the buses parked, and try to meet Kiss. And I didnt know you could do that at the time. So, I Went with him. It was very cool. We waited for like an hour, and then I saw Eric Carr come out, and get on the bus. He never came back out either (sucks now that he is dead). Then suddenly a mini-van came out of the Gardens garage area. It stopped, and a door opens, it's Bret Michaels from Poison with his then girlfriend, Susie Hatton (She was in one of their videos back then). And I was pretty happy, because at the time, they were one of my favorite bands. I remember profusely telling him how big of a fan, I was of Poison. He was really nice. He gave me one of his braclets, and he was like "This is my favorite braclet, dont lose it". He and Susie signed my Kiss tour program.

Then Gene Simmons came out, and I got his autograph too..

So, yeah this was my first thrust into meeting "celebrities". Since then, I have met about 250+ bands/people. Some I really wanted to meet, some were just "yeah youre in a band, I'll let you sign my shit" type thing.

I do like meeting and talking to bands. Learning that they are actually people too. Some of them are down to earth, and some are pretty much just egotistical bastards. But, I certainly do have a nice collection of signed memorabilia..

I will probably post a list of people I have met soon.. I actually have one somewhere, I cant remember where though..
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01:22pm 14/08/2002
  a few weeks ago i went to see The Vines live and as i was standing outside the venue, Craig Nicholls (the lead singer/guitarist) walked right by me! it was trippy. everyone else in line was like "is that really him?" and i said "yeah that's him but he's porbably stoned off his ass and doesn't know what he's doing". and the guys in the supporting band, OK Go, were constantly coming outside and stuff. pretty damn neat.
oh, and i got some great pics of Craig during the performance.

it was a fucking awesome show and i tell everyone i know about it...so i figure i'd namedrop (sorta) here.
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Wafer Thin 
01:55pm 14/08/2002
  They may not be mega-famous but they're big with the crowd at my school. Wafer Thin, a band from the Winston-Salem/G-Boro area.
I talk regularly with one of the members of the band, I have been since late September of last year. He has offered to give me their new CD for free as well as replace my copy of their old CD, which has gone missing. He lets me know when all their shows are. But more than that he's a good friend. We talk about world issues (back in September he was helping me calm down because I'm from New York and I was 600 miles away from my family), we talk about how freakin hot it is out, we talk about anything. He's a cool guy.
And their band is great. :-D
11:46am 14/08/2002
  i met alkaline trio once. at warped tour. i shook matt skibas hand. then i had them sign a dollar bill for me. and i mumbled some nonsense about how much i liked them, how great their set was and that they should have played 'radio'. matt was like 'im sorry, we ran out of time.' then i talked to derek for a second. then the people behind me were getting mad so i had to leave. but i didnt have a camera. and that sucked.

i met kris roe from the ataris too and he was a jackass. ugh.

oh, and last but not least, i met AntiFreeze. they were on warped for a little while... but they played a show here and my friends and me talked to them and they were like 'you wanna come to our trailer' so we did and we hung out there, but then we had to go home. that sucked too. and walking back to the street i saw the bassist from All and told him he ruled.

thats all the people ive met. i like this community. my friends get mad at me for talking about meeting alk3 entirely too much.
xoxo andrea
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First post! 
12:27pm 14/08/2002
mood: excited
Hey-- Okay I'm going to get right to the name dropping :)

I was hanging out with the Keepsake and Stryder guys after one of their shows, and I must say it was one of the best times I've had in a while-- I was surprised they'd even play a show in my podunk city, but I'm glad they did-- The ones I hung out with most that night were Scottie from the Stryder and Shane from Keepsake. I took many many pictures and put them all on a website.

So for future reference, if you're ever at a Stryder or Keepsake show, go up and say hey to the guys, because they're really really nice.

Here's a picture of Shane (on the right) and two mohawks-- one belonging to Peter (Stryder) and some guy's dog.
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