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new here

As the sign says, I am new to this community. I joined, because in my line of work, I consistantly meet and talk to "rock stars" or just people from bands, if you will. I will give you a brief taste of some of the people I have met, or maybe I'll tell you a story about the first time?

The first person that I met, was back in 1990, June 12th to be exact. I had just finished my freshman year in high school. My friend and I Went to see Kiss w/ Slaughter and Lil Caesar opening for them. I remember us getting there at like 6pm, and just sitting in our seats, and see members of Slaughter walking around. I actually remember thinking that was pretty neat at the time. I remember during the show, meeting Blas Elias (drummer for Slaughter) near the concession stand at Cincinnati Gardens.

But, the real fun came after the show.. I remember this kid sitting next to me. He was all painted up like Gene Simmons, and he mentioned he was going to go where the buses parked, and try to meet Kiss. And I didnt know you could do that at the time. So, I Went with him. It was very cool. We waited for like an hour, and then I saw Eric Carr come out, and get on the bus. He never came back out either (sucks now that he is dead). Then suddenly a mini-van came out of the Gardens garage area. It stopped, and a door opens, it's Bret Michaels from Poison with his then girlfriend, Susie Hatton (She was in one of their videos back then). And I was pretty happy, because at the time, they were one of my favorite bands. I remember profusely telling him how big of a fan, I was of Poison. He was really nice. He gave me one of his braclets, and he was like "This is my favorite braclet, dont lose it". He and Susie signed my Kiss tour program.

Then Gene Simmons came out, and I got his autograph too..

So, yeah this was my first thrust into meeting "celebrities". Since then, I have met about 250+ bands/people. Some I really wanted to meet, some were just "yeah youre in a band, I'll let you sign my shit" type thing.

I do like meeting and talking to bands. Learning that they are actually people too. Some of them are down to earth, and some are pretty much just egotistical bastards. But, I certainly do have a nice collection of signed memorabilia..

I will probably post a list of people I have met soon.. I actually have one somewhere, I cant remember where though..
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