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from the archives in the back of my head:

I want to write about another experience, I have had, in meeting bands and stuff..

This one, is brought on by listening to the Stone Sour and Murderdolls cds.

The first time I met Corey Taylor. It was in October of 2000. Amen had played with Nothingface in Cincinnati about 2 weeks prior. I worked this show with glee, and in doing so, got to know the guys in Amen. I talked to Casey Chaos quite a bit. And before the band had to leave, Casey gave me a pass, and told me to come to the show in Dayton, 2 weeks after.
Well, 2 weeks later, Amen were playing at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio, playing on a bill that included Slipknot and Spineshank.

I arrived and walked up to Amen's bus, and hung with them for a bit. They walked me into the venue, and I watched the show.

Now after the show, was chaotic. Security was being a pain in the ass. And they were giving me grief, because I had a pass, but it didnt have a backing on it, and they thought it wasnt official. But, I managed to get myself to the front of Amen's bus anyway. And stood there for a few minutes. Corey Taylor, From Slipknot, happens to walk by. He's like unmasked and all that. I get him to sign my Slipknot cd.

Fast forward to a year later. I think it was like August 3, 2001. When I went to Ozzfest in Columbus with Natalie and Whitney. We hung out with all the second stage bands. The tour was winding down, and the bands(Nonpoint, Drowning Pool, Taproot, Mudvayne, etc) were all just chillin around their buses. They were having a major party. There was a lot of alcohol. They also decided to grill out and stuff. They did this from early afternoon, clear up til the end of the show, and even beyond, until the police started demanding they all leave.

Ok my point here is, during this time Corey Taylor happened to come over and join in the festivities. Only, I didnt recognize him. He looked different from the last time. I Went up to him, and asked him if he was in Slipknot. He was surrounded by like 5 groupies. And I guess the alcohol was really fueling. Anyway, he decides to be a dick to me. He's like "If I were in Slipknot? What would I be doing?" And I Am like "I dont know. You all wear masks and stuff". And he keeps this going for several minutes. He's like doing a great job of embarassing me infront of his women, and even calling other people over to point out the fact that I didnt know he was. In the end, he signed my notebook(it was what I carried around with me, so I Could get all the bands at Ozzfest to sign). He's like "ok, I'll sign your shit". After he signed it, I was so pissed and embarrassed. I went over to Natalie's car, where she, Whitney, and CJ(from Drowning Pool) are inside smoking some weed and stuff. I told them about what happened. Then I ripped the page from my notebook, and lit it on fire.. I decided then, that I would never be a SLipknot fan again.

Anyway, a little more about this. I went and sat down on one of the chairs in front of a tour bus. And Corey wandered over, and sat in front of me. He like just looked at me, and then he pointed his finger at me, and like twisted it around or something in a odd way. Then got up and left..

And now, for my introduction to Joey Jordison.
Natalie, Brendan volumedealer, and I traveled to St. Louis to see the Pledge of Allegiance show. Since we were friends with American Head Charge, and Natalie knew someone in the band No One we figured we could get in.
We would hangout with AHC a lot during the course of the night. They gave us passes and all that. We(well, not Natalie) went in and watched Head Charge, No One, Mudvayne, System of a Down, and Slipknot. Actually, I left during the middle of SOAD's set. I was determined not to watch Slipknot. I went outside, and went on AHC's bus, and watched a movie with the crew guy, while Natalie gave Aaron head.

As the night progressed, the party started to get going on the bus. People would go to the back lounge, and smoke and stuff. I remember Joey coming on to the bus, and going back to the back lounge. I went back there too. Because, I was intrigued by what kind of person he was. I sat back there, I think Chad and Dave(from Ahc), Brendan, and Joey were back there. Joey would talk about how Manson and some of the other main stage acts at Ozzfest would perform. I thought he was interesting. He seem to be well-educated and stuff. I engaged in the convo with them, and just chilled back there..

Those are the only 2 members of Slipknot I have met. I remember when I was walking around outside, during the day, passing someone, who I thought was Sid. But, I didnt inquire.

I met Tripp Eisen (also in the Murderdolls. Formerly of Dope and currently in Static-X). I met Tripp back about Novemeber 1999. When Dope opened a show, that consisted of Static-X(ironic isnt it?) and Drain sth. I talked to him, when he was with Static as well..

ok, the end.
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