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i met alkaline trio once. at warped tour. i shook matt skibas hand. then i had them sign a dollar bill for me. and i mumbled some nonsense about how much i liked them, how great their set was and that they should have played 'radio'. matt was like 'im sorry, we ran out of time.' then i talked to derek for a second. then the people behind me were getting mad so i had to leave. but i didnt have a camera. and that sucked.

i met kris roe from the ataris too and he was a jackass. ugh.

oh, and last but not least, i met AntiFreeze. they were on warped for a little while... but they played a show here and my friends and me talked to them and they were like 'you wanna come to our trailer' so we did and we hung out there, but then we had to go home. that sucked too. and walking back to the street i saw the bassist from All and told him he ruled.

thats all the people ive met. i like this community. my friends get mad at me for talking about meeting alk3 entirely too much.
xoxo andrea
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