On Hiatus (blueleopard) wrote in namedroppers,
On Hiatus

Wafer Thin

They may not be mega-famous but they're big with the crowd at my school. Wafer Thin, a band from the Winston-Salem/G-Boro area.
I talk regularly with one of the members of the band, I have been since late September of last year. He has offered to give me their new CD for free as well as replace my copy of their old CD, which has gone missing. He lets me know when all their shows are. But more than that he's a good friend. We talk about world issues (back in September he was helping me calm down because I'm from New York and I was 600 miles away from my family), we talk about how freakin hot it is out, we talk about anything. He's a cool guy.
And their band is great. :-D
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