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namedroppers's Journal

Name Droppers Anonymous
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We all do it.

The first step is admitting you've got a problem.

That problem is NAME DROPPING!

You know--when you happen to meet somebody that's at least remotely famous, and you recount that experience to every. single. person you come across--be they friend or foe.

By the third or fourth re-telling, you went from sneaking backstage and screaming "HEEY!" across the room to your favorite band member to being his/her best friend ("Yeah we used to sled down old Jackson's driveway when we were in fourth grade....Ah those were the days")

Is your name-dropping annoying your friends?
Well this is the place where you can release all that name-dropping anxiety.

Feel free to post any (actual) experiences that you've had with a celebrity (music, movies, TV, politics, whatever). Post any gossip you've heard about your favorite band. Brag about getting an email from that guy you accidentally bumped into at the Piggly Wiggly.

Did you take a picture with this famous person? Post it!! (I think you get the idea)